While Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a developing game there are numerous individuals out there that actually do not completely see a few parts of it. They probably would not realize that there are various weight classes and that truth be told there are decides that should be followed consistently.

As of late the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) converged with the WEC. Fundamentally what this did is to add two new weight classes to the UFC. Coming up next are a rundown of the absolute most normal weight classes and what they are called. Commonly in a battle they will pass by their names and not their weight class so it is critical to understand what they are called.  It should be noticed that there are a couple of more weight classes yet these are a portion of the more normal ones. Women’s weight classes are unique.

With regards to the standards of MMA, most battle advancements have their own. Be that as it may, generally they are largely fundamentally the same as. In spite of the fact that there are a few principles that practically the entirety of the battle advancements have. Typically the security of the fighters is associated with these principles.

UFC weight classes

A portion of the more unmistakable principles of MMA are the follow:

  • No eye gouging or fish snaring,
  • No gnawing,
  • No crotch assaults,
  • No strikes to anyplace along the spine or back of the head,
  • No knees to a grounded man’s head,
  • No deliberate getting of the confine or ring,
  • No hitting or getting the throat,
  • No control of toes or fingers,
  • No fingers anyplace within the body,
  • Lastly no head butts.

As should be obvious the greater part of these are planned considering security. These sort of rules make MMA not the same as road battling. In road battling anything goes and normally a portion of these things will occur. This is the reason MMA is not a road battle and is not human cockfighting as certain individuals call it.  The present UFC weight classes numbers fail to measure up to the predictable record breaking cards that Tyson pulled in any event, when his profession was on the decay. Delahoya and Mayweather drew a record PPV number for their new session, yet it was not without spending a huge measure of cash on advancement. Ads, print media advertisements, and – without precedent for boxing history – a whole link unscripted television arrangement was recorded to publicity the battle. Deduct those additional costs and check whether Iron Mike is not even now boxing’s PPV lord.