Rates and Class Descriptions

Drop-In Fees

Our drop-in fees offer complete freedom.
1 hour $12
1+ hour $15

Class Packages

Good for four months for any yoga class.

  • 5 classes $65
  • 10 classes $120
  • 10 classes (lunch time only) $100
  • 20 class family package $215
  • One month unlimited classes $120
  • Six months unlimited classes $108 per month (auto pay for six months)

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New to Inner Dance Yoga Studio?

Enjoy 5 classes for $25. (Good for 2 weeks and Alaska residents only).


Second family member, seniors (60+) and student discounts available. Scholarships are available please ask.

Class Levels

Level 1

Introductory and yoga basics: postures, philosophy, asana, breath practices. Props may be used to increase accessibility and awareness in postures. No active inversions.

Level 2

Expanded poses such as free-standing single leg balance poses, deepening forward bends, back bends including upward bow, and introduces inversions.

Level 3

Advanced poses including deepest back bends, forward bends, and inversions with variations.

Class Intensity


Practice at a slower pace and less intensity.


Longer holds and linking posesto build stamima.


Sustained postures, repetition and yoga flow.

Class Descriptions

You can view our class descriptions by clicking on the Schedule page. This will take you to the Mindbody page once there, click on a class to find the description. Very soon we will have an updated webpage for ease in viewing our class descriptions.

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