About us

The Inner Dance Yoga Studio has been the heart of Hatha Yoga in Anchorage since 1982. Founder, Lynne Minton put into form the vision of a yoga community after a trip to India to study with Mr. Iyengar. Since those early days, the Inner Dance Yoga Studio has grown and expanded to it’s current home in the Spenard Center, at the corner of Spenard and 26th Ave. Today, the studio is directed by Karen Greenwood, a long-time student of Lynne’s and also an Anusara Inspired Teacher.

Hatha Yoga emphasizes the use of posture, breath, relaxation practices, and concentration to enhance wellness of mind, body, and spirit. We offer a wide range of classes in various styles of Hatha Yoga. We also offer specialized classes such as Pre-natal Yoga, Healing Yoga, and advanced study opportunities for students to expand and deepen their experience and understanding of the many aspects of yoga. We have two beautiful studios and a staff of highly experienced teachers. Through our commitment to our students, the staff at Inner Dance Yoga Studio have developed long-term relationships with our students. Call Inner Dance Yoga Studio at (907) 277-7037 and start your yoga experience today.


Inner Dance Yoga Studio does have a limited supply of books, props, videos, clothing, and tapes available for purchase should students wish to begin their practice at home or add to their personal supplies. Inner Dance provides, at no charge, all of the props that students will need to begin their practice at the studio.

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